Nancy Black

Nancy Black is an expert certified Pilates Instructor serving the Greater Seattle area.My name is Nancy Black and my first and foremost passion is my children!  They bring me love, joy and encouragement.  Secondly, I love to exercise!  My background is in Kinesiology and helping people learn about fitness and reach their personal goals is what I enjoy!  As an avid runner, mountain biker, tennis player and skier, I was curious about Pilates and had to find out first -hand what all the hype was about.

In the mid 1990’s, I attended a Pilates Mat class at the club and immediately knew I was on to something, as I noticed improved posture, felt stretched and definitely found my abs!  The more I attended class, the deeper I felt the work and the more I became hooked!  Soon thereafter, I discovered the Pilates Apparatus and decided to go through Pilates Teacher Training so I could learn the entire system.

True Pilates Instructor

I became an Authentic/True Pilates Instructor in 2003 through Romana’s Pilates and in February 2014, a Master Trainer through Pilates Sports Center. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience and passion of the method teaching future Pilates Instructors and continue to expand my knowledge base to stay current and be an effective and motivating instructor to my clients.  In addition to being a Pilates Instructor, I am a certified Booty Barre Instructor and a level 3 Heart Zones Trainer, both of which I teach on a regular basis.

Why Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a non-impact overall strength workout focusing on initiating movement from the deep core muscles, increasing strength, flexibility and balance.  Pilates technique focuses on precision, breath, control and flow, making it a safe and effective workout for most populations.  The movements are progressive and challenge beginning clients to elite athletes.  Pilates can also be an excellent tool for many rehabilitation situations.  Most of all, Pilates is FUN!